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Wednesday, March 24, 2010



Name: Chua Zjen Fong
Age: 24
Date of Birth: 12.12.1986
Race: Chinese
Dancing since: 2005
Dance Discipline: Latin (samba, cha cha cha, rumba, paso doble, jive)
Dance Qualification: Associate in Latin American with the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers and Dance)


Name: Evon Chong
Age: 24
Date of Birth: 17.03.1986
Race: Chinese
Dancing since: 1992
Dance Discipline: Latin (samba, cha cha cha, rumba, paso doble, jive), ballet
Dance Qualification: Associate in Latin American with the ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers and Dance)

Couple information
Representing Country: Malaysia
Category: Amateur (Grade A)
Dancing Body: WDSF (World Dancesport Federation)
Dancing together since: 2008 may
WDSF ranking in malaysia: 1st
WDSF ranking in world: 589

We are currently ranked 3rd in malaysia dancesport and representing malaysia to international dancesport competitions. We do various shows and performances for corporate and private events, annual dinners, launchings, weddings, grand opening, charity and etc. We are both conducting classes and workshops for individuals, group and corporate bodies. Together we have 18 years of experience to qualify us to teach. We also passed our dance examination with the 'United Kingdom Alliance' (UKA) in Latin American. We will be sitting for our Associates Examination and Licentiate Examination this coming 2 years. However, we are also training a group of competitive dancers for competition in local and overseas.

We are currently conducting classes in:
- Sri Hartamas
- Ampang
- Cheras
- Genting Klang
- Klang
- Setapak

However, for individuals / couples / groups who are interested to dance and could not get to these areas, we can teach in your nearby area provided it is in kuala lumpur and klang valley.

Scenario A
If you are alone, you can try to get a group of minimum 8-10 people depending to areas, and we will locate a nearest studio or venue to conduct the class.

Scenario B
If you already have a group of minimum 8-10 people, we will also locate a studio or venue to start the classes immediately.

Scenario C
If you are alone or with a partner and have not or do not intend to join with the public, you may try to consider private lessons which is 1 to 1 / 1 to 2 per hourly basis. Private lessons are more flexible in time and may cost a little bit more.

( Beginners, Examination, Technique, Competitive classes, Social )

*Any age is suitable for this type of dance.

For Performance/ Shows and Classes purposes, please contact us for more information. THANK YOU!

TEL: +6016 209 0699 / +6014 330 9201
Fax: +603 4041 0980

Competition Recorded

1) Batu Pahat - 1st MPDC Dancesport National Ranking Competition - August 2008
2) Taiwan - Taipei IDSF Open and Asian Closed - Dec 2008
This Taipei trip really brought me to a whole new level of dancing. We were thrilled to be here as it is our 1st international competition together. We managed to be on the top 40 out of the 86 couples which were from different countries.
3) Hong Kong - Hong Kong IPDSC Open - March 2009
Hong Kong is a great place for sight seeing. Things were quite expensive. But it's a nice experience and exposure for us. Our 2nd International Competition gave us more ideas and inspiration to improve ourself.
4) Kuala Lumpur - 2nd MPDC Dancesport National Ranking Competition - April 2009
5) Korea - Korea IDSF Open - May 2009
Korea is fun, it's cold in seoul. Dancers from korea were really strong. The only challenge for us is the language, it is very hard to communicate in English in korea. We are the only Malaysian couple participating in this grand competition.
6) Philipines - Manila IDSF Open - June 2009
The Manila Open definitely gave us a lot of opportunity to learn from other countries especially japan. We made new friends. Philippines has a lot of great dancer.

- (from left) Ginga, Rara, Yumiya, Aiko, Chua, Evon, Jonathan, Ying Ying.

7) Batu Pahat - Final MPDC Dancesport National Ranking Competition - July 2009
The Final National Ranking for year 2009. We were being ranked 3rd for this year. We will definitely aim higher in 2010. Wish us luck!

8) Singapore - Singapore IDSF Open - July 2009
9) Vietnam - Vietnam IDSF Open - September 2009

Our final competition for year 2009, entering year 2010. With this competition, we emerged 7th thus qualifying us for the semi finals. Its a very good competition and we have learnt a lot from it.

10) Kuala Lumpur - 2010 1st MPDC National Ranking Competition - April 2010

Our 1st competition of the year, despite being busy with our career, we are still able to cope with intensive trainings and never ending learning mode. We finished 3rd and was glad with the results, we could have done better with some areas to be improved. A nice competition and we enjoyed it. :)

11) IDSF Singapor0e Open - 2010
A wonderful and worth while competition in the 21t Singapore Lion City Dancesport competition. They have invited the world IPDSC champion ( stefano & olga ) as the VIP of the competition and performed all 5 dances at the end of the competition day. A marvelous even not to be forgotten.
- from left (stefano, evon, chua, and olga)
12) Thailand King's Cup IDSF Open-2010
Our 1st trip to bangkok and also our 1st competition in thailand. A memorable competition where some world top dancers were also here participating in this event. Truly amazing!
13) IDSF Vietnam Open-2010
Time flies, this is our 2nd competition in hanoi since last year. just a blink of an eye and we are back here again. This time round they have more overseas couples, and we finished in the semi finals. a great one!
14) IDSF Macao Open & Asian Championship-2010
Our first trip to Macao for dancesport competition. We have a great time dancing over there. Met a lot of amazing people. We have more malaysian couple following this trip. We will definitely make it again next year for the Macao open.
15) IDSF Taipei Open-2010
Our 2nd competition trip to taipei since 2008. Pictures taken with our korean friends after finishing our events in the afternoon and waiting for the grand show at night. We finished in the quarter finals placing us 19th out of 4+. Met new friends here. Good show!
16) Singapore Dance Spectacular-2010
A very great evening at the singapore dance spectacular 2010. This is our best results in overseas competition by far. We were announced as champion which actually shocked us. We didn't expect to be a champion on that evening. A great start for our journey to greater success! Keep it up! :)
17) Malaysia Dancesport National Ranking-2011
Yay! our 1st competition of the year and came out champion. it was a double happiness. We wish to thanks all those who have supported all this while and those who had guided us through the hard times. we will definitely keep it up and keep working non stop to improve our standard and together bring malaysia dancesport's standard to a higher level in international ranking. It was really an honour for us to be announced as the new Malaysia Top Amateur couple. Keep it up! All the best!


18) China - Beijing - Inter-Dance school dancesport championship 2011

(Top) A picture with Lu Ning(right), the current china professional latin champion. Also, a graduate from our school in china. Which means he's my senior.
(Bottom) A picture with Zhang Ding Fang, Lu Ning's Partner. They are both tall and good looking. In this beijing competition, it's also our 1st competition in china, and we managed to get into the 2nd in the amateur latin despite dancing for the 1st time in china with a number of 80 over couples. It's a good start for us in china.
19) 2011 Shenzhen Inter-district Dancesport Competition
Hurray! This is our 2nd competition since we came to china, the training really paid off in just 1 month of training, we got CHAMPION! is this competition. We couldn't believe it either, that makes us want to achieve more and train harder to greater success in international competitions. Way to go!
20) 2011 Singapore Far East Plaza Dancesport Championship

We knew our training is paying off and the direction we are heading is bringing us glory. This spectacular dancesport competition held in Singapore as one their local National Ranking invited some countries to participate. We were pleased to be announced the champion for that day in the Amateur Grade A latin. We wish to thank everyone for the compliments and best wishes to everyone. :)
21) 2011 Shenzhen National Dancesport Championship
We managed to get 1st runner up in the Amateur Rising Star Latin in this competition, this is a bigger competition where huge number of competitors came all over from china. It's a like a routine competition in their dancing calendar.
22) 2011 WDSF Chengdu Grand Slam Latin,China
This is our 1st grand slam competition so far, and we were happy with the achievement for this competition. Being the only malaysian couple made it to the 2nd round made us proud this bring a little glory to our country, beating most Asian countries behind which malaysia had lost to for so many years.
22) 2011 WDSF Chengdu Grand Slam Latin,China
The Shenzhen International Dancesport Competition is a worth while to compete. Its like an Asian version of blackpool dance festival, except its slightly smaller. but the adjudicators were all blackpool adjudicators judging the Amateur and Professional division. We definitely had a great time on the floor and loads of experience. We will definitely look out for this competition next year. And the best thing of all, this is really a free to dance competition where both WDSF and WDC couples can compete together officially.
23) 2011 Thailand King's Cup Dancesport Championship
The 2nd Thailand King's Cup was as prestigious as always, live tv broadcasting all over the nation. This is one of our best results after 3 years of dancing together in big international competition, in the WDSF grade A latin, we made it into the 2nd round without any redance round. The greatest news for us is we made it into the semi final for the ADSF grade A latin and got placed 10th out of the 40 over couples from all over asia. Its definitely a huge success to us and we will definitely strive harder to get into the final in our coming competitions. Together with us in the picture is Mr.George Tan(far right) and his wife beside him Ms. Sylvia. George is the president of MYDF, they came to watch the competition and give their support to Team Dancesport Malaysia.

Shows and Performances Done:
1) Miri International Humanity Festival
2) Miri Life Care Society
3) Great Eastern Annual Dinner
And etc...

1) Miri True Buddha Society Annual Dinner
2) Le-meriddien Hotel Dinner
3) Velencia Housing Area Private Party
4) Toshiba Product Launching
5) Batu Pahat Hokkien Association
6) Leisure Mall Mid-Autumm Festival
7) Market Place Function
8) Inti College Staff Annual Dinner
9) Russian Embassy Annual Dinner
10) Dancesport Miri Annual Dinner

We got invited by Dancesport Miri Studio in Miri, Sarawak to do a 5 dance dinner and dance show for the 1st time. It was truly our pleasure to be chosen to dance on this special occasion. The organiser was Mr.Soo, he was one of my dance teacher back then in Miri, a nice guy to hang out with. We met some other new friends from the Philipines as well during the show. Compliments and great laud of applause pushed us beyond our limit. Good start! :)

This stunning picture was taken by Louis, our very own Miri photographer invited by Mr.Soo. Well done Louis!

- Evon with her stunning pose for her 'PASO DOBLE', a fierce dance which tells the story of the cape and the matador carrying elements of flamingo dance styles.

11) TAR College 40th Anniversary

A remarkable event at College Tunku Abdul Rahman main campus. a crowd of 2000 pax at my very own college where i studied my engineering diploma. It was my great honour to be able to perform on the grand stage for the college's 40th anniversary. Lots of compliments from the college official, i'm glad they like it. The Student Affairs Department asked us to perform again next time. Well done!

12) Quest Certified Professional Training Graduation Night
13) 'Dance V Me' Studio Open Day
And etc...

1) Miri True Buddha Society Annual Dinner
2) KL Performing Arts Centre ( KL PAC ) Performance
A great show at KL PAC. We did 2 dances, samba and rumba. A nice show with great light effects. :)

3) Malaysia Palm Oil Association Annual Dinner
A successful event with the Malaysian Palm Oil Association in Miri, Sarawak. We did 5 dances and the audience love it. The only thing that drive us further with our career in dancing is the applause from the audiences that shows their sincerity and truly amazed by our performance. Another job well done.
4) Anlene Product Road Show

It's been a great pleasure for us to work with Anlene for their recent road show. It is a great success and it's been so nice working with everyone else. We have been performing in ONE UTAMA for 3 days straight, 3 sessions a day, 3 dances per session. A very tiring show but it's worth it seeing the audiences enjoying our dance performances and Anlene ran out of stock. A great achievement for us!

Anlene Road Show Preview
5) Signature Kitchen Product Lauching @ Royal Chulan Hotel
A spectacular show at the Royal Chulan Hotel for Signature Kitchen Product Lauching. The crowd were great with great loud of applause. We did 2 dances for them which were samba and cha cha. We were pleased with the overall show. Well done.
6) Marina Bay Sands Official Lauching @ Johor

Together with KK, the 98.8 Radio DJ who is also a local celebrity and with TP lim who has been actively hosting shows and programs on ASTRO. Both of them were the MC for the night. We were doing the opening show for them which was our great pleasure. They were great people.

7) Marina Bay Sands Official Launching @ Penang
Again we were working together with KK and TP with the same event in penang which allow us to know them better and share experiences and ideas. We were very pleased with this show. GOOD SHOW!!!

8) SP Setia New Condo Launching
Our recent shows at SP Setia building, performing for their New Condo Launching.
It is also our 1st time performing in an outdoor event. It's a different environment..

9) ISTD Examination Celebration Dinner by John's Dance Academy (Kota Kinabalu)
After finishing all out professional examinations in the morning, we are doing a dance show case at night to entertain everyone including the examiners. it was really a tough one. But we enjoyed it :) All thanks to Mr.John Chong and Mr. Rinchard Hunt for giving this opportunity to us.
10) Yoga Ria Annual Concert-2010
Our very first time to perform in front of so many young kids and parents to show them what is latin dance (dancesport) now and how do they look like now. The parents enjoyed very much and lots of compliments from them. Lots of kids were entertained and attracted with dancesport now. Promote Dancesport! :)
11) Klang Annual Dinner-2010
This is our 3rd time doing a show for the klang annual dinner. A place where we teach dance and have met lots of interesting and kind people who have helped us a lot through out our journey. Thanks to all of you and wish you all the best!
12) MIBA (Malaysia Investment Business Association) Annual Dinner-2010
13) AFC Annual Dinner-2010
This is a football event, we saw lots of football coaches from the asian region attending this event. This is one of the most challenging stage we have performed by far. It looked big but because of the 3 layering thing they had, we only have 1/3 of the stage to dance with. Its a hell of a show! :)